a boutique home in the fediverse for developers, technology enthusiasts, and friends

our instances



encrypted real-time chat / instant messaging
kind of similar to irc or slack

while we do not currently offer a matrix homeserver, it is our aspiration to launch one at matrix.federate.cc, along with a set of bridges for popular protocols like telegram and discord

our members can help us achieve this goal by volunteering their time and linux administration skills

reach out to the administration for more info


social link aggregation and discussion boards
similar to reddit or hacker news

lemmy is the first fediverse serve that we offer to our userbase, with federation to the greater lemmyverse

you are welcome to create communities on our instance and invite external users to participate in your boards

or simply use us as a home base as you create and interact with communities on other servers

non-members can subscribe to communities, post and interact with us from their home instance


distributed microblogging
similar to twitter or Tumblr

while we do not currently offer a mastodon instance, it is our aspiration to launch one at mastodon.federate.cc

our members can help us achieve this goal by volunteering their time and linux administration skills

reach out to the administration for more info


you know what this is

we offer email services @federate.cc via migadu, a boutique email provider based in switzerland

why offer email? it is technically a federated, distributed service after all - the original, in fact

as a member you are entitled to a [email protected] email upon request

accessing your federate.cc email

imap.migadu.com, port 993, SSL
smtp.migadu.com, port 465, SSL
use your full email, [email protected]
email + password authentication for both
webmail access is available though it is underwhelming and we recommend using an email client instead


federate.cc is a collection of fediverse services operated on behalf of its members with limited commercial interest

there is no advertising, data selling, or any such corporate baloney here

we host instances of popular distributed, federated software platforms, providing a carefully-tended "home instance" / "homeserver" across several major platforms

we intend for our services to be a home for upstanding netizens, interested in participating respectfully and in good faith across the fediverse

our owner and operator is @sparky


the general details

as part of the broader fediverse, you do not need an account with us to participate with our members; you can subscribe, post, message and interact with our users and communities from your home instance

if you would like to adopt federate.cc as your home across these different services, consider becoming a member of our collective

membership entitles you to create an account with our various services, using federate.cc as your home base across the interwebs

becoming a member

anyone may apply for membership at federate.cc, but we cater especially to developers, tech enthusiasts, geeks and nerds

to apply, you must send a short introduction about yourself and tell us why you're choosing federate.cc to be your new home

in general, everyone is welcome, though we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone suspected of prior misbehaviour across the fediverse

we want to encourage quality over quantity and prefer a small, tight-knit community of active contributors; there is no aspiration to become a large public instance

membership responsibilities

members are expected to abide by the fediverse.cc rules and code of conduct in all their interactions across the fediverse

you are representatives of our server, do not behave in a way that could tarnish our collective reputation

code of conduct

as a member of federate.cc, you agree to abide by our code of conduct at all times, especially when interacting with other servers across the fediverse

rule #1: don't be a dick

no trolling
no ad hominem attacks
don't start flamewars
don't engage with them, either

rule #2: respect other peoples' servers

abide by the rules of the remote communities you interact with from our instances

rule #3: absolutely no hate speech or bigotry

we hope we don't need to spell them all outdo not make disparaging comments about others, particularly on the basis of their race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc

rule #4: you represent this server, act like it

be excellent to each otheryou are a representative of federate.cc
act like it

rule #5: keep it sfw

there are millions of places on the internet to find pornthis isn't one of them


if someone from @federate.cc is acting unprofessionally on your service, please let us know so that we can restrict their account from our side

our goal is to be a home for upstanding netizens across the fediverse

we will not tolerate behaviour that could lead to defederation of our instances


complete the form to apply for an account

please include as part of message:

- a short description as to why you are interested in federate.cc as a home- a quick introduction about yourself, so we can get to know you a little bit- your preferred handle on our fediverse services, this will be used to create your accounts on [lemmy|matrix|mastodon|email]